The ORMA 60 named TeamVodafoneSailing, is one of a breed of ORMA 60 trimarans built to sail fast and get instant spectator approval

Measuring 18m (60 foot) in length and 18m (60 foot) wide, with a mast height of 30m (100 feet) above the water, the ORMA 60 targets average speeds of 18 knots to windward in 25 knots of breeze, or 30 knots on a broad reach.  Open 60s have averaged 25 knots for 24 hours, which means there are very few boats in Australasia capable of racing it for line honours.

The boat carries an impressive sail area.
Sail area up wind: 285 m² – 180m² main sail +105 m² solent jib

Sail area down wind: 445 m² – 180 m² main sail + 265 m² gennacker
It has sail size and loads similar to an IIAC America’s Cup class yacht, but weighs only 6 ton versus 26 ton.

Many of the world’s most intrepid ocean sailors have carved out their careers on ORMA 60s through the classes’ 20 year history. In 2006 French sailor Lionel Lemonchois shaved more than four days off the record in the 2006 Route de Rhum, the legendary solo race between Saint-Malo and Pointe-a-Pitre, to cross the Atlantic in less than seven days, and in 2007 Franck Cammas and Steve Ravussin on Groupama 2 completed the Transat Jacques Vabre between France and Brazil in 10 days, 38 minutes and 43 seconds. Single handed average speed targets are 18 knots to windward in 25 knots of breeze, with a real pointing angle of 47 degrees, or 30 knots on a broad reach.


TeamVodafoneSailing – Record Sheet

Tvs sailed on 177 outings covering a total of 20120nm

Race records

2010 Kawau night race overall: 1hr 7min 16sec

2010 Te Kouma race overall: 2hr 24min 4sec

2010 Around Waiheke race overall: 1hr 57min 56sec

2010 Coastal classic Multihull: 7hr 16min 9sec

2010 Around White Island overall: 27hr 11min

2011 Kawau night race overall: 54min 35sec

2011 Auckland to Fiji Multihull: 4days 7hr 20min 57sec

2011 Airlie race week, Moles Island race overall: 1hr 39min 6sec

2011 Hamilton race week, Linderman Island race overall: 1hr 43min 18sec

2011 Coastal Classic overall: 5hr 44min 31sec

2012 Auckland to Noumea Multihull: 3days 6hr 59min 50sec

2012 Coastal Classic overall: 5hr 41min 44sec

2012 Gold cup Saddle island race: 2hr 43min 52sec

2012 Around white island overall: 27hr 7min 58sec

2013 Around 3 king race overall: 43hr 2min 40sec

2014 Coastal Classic overall: 5hr 13min

2014 Around Rangitoto overall: 2hr 12min 50sec

2014 Yates cup overall: 21hr 12min 36sec

Major race wins

2010 Bay of island race week: 1st line 1st handicap

2010 Coastal Classic: 1st line

2010 Commodores cup race series: 1st line 1st handicap

2011 Bay of Islands race week: 1st line

2011 Auckland to Fiji; 1st line 1st handicap

2011 ANZAC multi YC Sydney to Southport race : 1st line 1st handicap

2011 Airlie beach race week: 1st line

2011 Hamilton Island race week: 1st line

2011 Coastal Clasic: 1st line

2012 Auckland BMW race week: 1st line 1st handicap

2012 Auckland to Noumea: 1st line 1st handicap

2012 Airlie beach race week: 1st line

2012 Hamilton Island race week, super multi divison: 1st handicap

2012 Coastal Classic: 1st line

2012 Saddle island race: 1st line 1st handicap

2012 Around White island: 1st line

2013 Bay of islands race week: 1st line 1st handicap

2013 3 kings race: 1st line 1st handicap

2014 Coastal classic: 1st line

2015 Commodores cup series: 1st line 1st handicap

TeamVodafoneSailing – Spec Sheet

Designer: VPLP

Builder: CDK, France

Hull: Carbon Nomex

Deck: Carbon Nomex

Length overall: 18.28 meters

Maximum beam: 18.00 meters

Draft:  1.50 / 4.50 meters

Air draft: 30.3 meters

Displacement: 6.2 tons

Centre board:  7.5m

Foils: With Winglets – from 2005

Rudders: 3 rudders. Arma rudders with horizontal foils 2013

Mast:  28.50 meters CDK/LORIMAT carbon rotating wing mast cants side to side & raking fore and aft on hydraulic rams

Standing rigging: EC6

Running rigging: Finleline spectra and covers, Dynext sk75

Furling system: 4 FACNOR furlers for gennacker, solent, trinket and orc

Sails: North Sails Auckland

Sail area:

  • Upwind : 285 m²- 180 m² main sail +105 m² solent jib
  • Down wind : 445 m²- 180 m² main sail + 265 m² gennaker
  • Mainsail; Gennacker; Solent; Trinket and ORC

Deck hardware: HARKEN winches 5x 990’s,  2 x 75’s

  • HARKEN rails and travellers
  • HARKEN blocks
  • NAVTEC and HUDROEM hydraulic systems for stays and shrouds

Engine: 39 HP LOMBARDINI with foldable propeller

Fuel: 45 litres

Electronics: Instruments: B&G H3000 Hydra Performance Pack

  • Sounder:       B&G
  • Self steering: B&G H5000 Pilot Pack
  • Computer:     Panasonic
  • Deckscreen:  Panasonic
  • GPS:             B&G
  • Radar:           Simrad BR24
  • Chartplotter:  B&G


  • Expedition
  • Tracker: Predictwind
  • 3G & Iridium by Predictwind

Safety Equipment: Complete equipment